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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tray Chaney Partners With Mississippi Artist Ziggy For 2012

Actor/recording artist/author Tray Chaney is looking to 2012 with excitement and optimism.

With movie and music projects in the works and The Wire preparing to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, Tray is also looking to expand his reach to others areas including working with other artists. When he heard about Mississippi recording artist Ziggy, he knew he had found someone that he wanted to collaborate with.

"Ziggy has a unique sound that I know others will feel," says Tray. WIth songs like "Shake It Baby" and "Feel Like", Ziggy has already began to build a buzz in the Magnolia state. Tray believes he can help the talented artist to reach listeners outside of the South.

The two are already working on features and their is even talk of releasing an album together. "The skies the limit for both of us," says Tray. "Looking forward to what the future holds." Ziggy's manager, Stanley Clark of Real Deal Entertainment, agrees.

To get a sneak peek at music by Tray Chaney and Ziggy visit To keep in touch with Tray and his upcoming projects, visit

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