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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Watch The Write Stuff Episode 5 Here!

(Sat. Nov. 14, 2009) On the eve of the third anniversary of Conversations Book Club, The Write Stuff celebrates the authors who have entertained readers and inspired the careers of others. Host Cyrus Webb brings you this powerful episode...

TWS EPISODE 5, PART 1: Cyrus Webb shares parts of his interviews with bestselling author Brenda L. Thomas and Dynah Zale. U. K. Filmmaker Tom Sands shares his commitment to work with The Write Stuff in promoting literacy.

TWS EPISODE 5, PART 2: Watch parts of Webb's interviews with bestselling authors Shelia Lipsey and Daphine Robinson. You will also watch this week's marketing tip by Earl Hall.

TWS EPISODE 5, PART 3: Webb shares parts of his interviews with bestselling authors Jonathan Richardson and Allison Hobbs. There are also commercials from Think It Ink It Publishing and Everybody Wins.

TWS EPISODE 5, PART 4: Webb shares parts of his interviews with bestselling authors Dedra Johnson, Tony Lindsay and C-Murder.

TWS EPISODE 5, PART 5: Author Jeff Rivera shares this week's 60 second writing tip and Cyrus Webb introduces Conversations Book Club's Top 50 Non-Fiction Books of 2009!

TWS EPISODE 5 PART 6: Host Cyrus Webb shares Conversations Book Club's Top 50 Fiction Books of 2009!

TWS EPISODE 5 PART 7: Cyrus Webb talks about the war against illiteracy and summarizes this week's show.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Watch The Write Stuff's Special Presentation "Faith and Literature"

SAT. NOV. 7, 2009: Because of recent tragedies that occurred during the past week, Shadow Play Entertainment and the producers of The Write Stuff decided it was appropriate to push up a special segment it had prepared to run during the holidays called "Faith and Literature." Creator and host Cyrus Webb was able to assemble four bestselling authors (Jerry Jenkins, Jewell Parker Rhodes, L. A. Banks and Evie Rhodes)who came together for the first time to discuss the role that their personal beliefs played in the work they produced and how they walked the fine line of treating their careers like a business while still being true to who they are.

It is a six-part conversation that you will want to watch and share with anyone who finds themselves struggling with those very issues. This show is dedicated to the memory of Izear Roberts, Jr.---the father of producer Stanley Clark---who passed away unexpectantly this week, those who passed away in the horrible incidents in both Texas and Florida as well as their families. It is our hope that all will find something to encourage themselves as we go through our own challenges in life as well...