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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cazpa of Po Pimpin' Entertainment: Living & Rapping The Truth

by Cyrus Webb

The state of Mississippi has given birth to some of the brightest stars in the music industry and recording artist Chris "Cazpa" Everett of Yazoo City is looking to be one of the state's next best things. The 30 year old is already building not just a brand for himself but providing an opportunity for other artists as well.

Cazpa has always had a love of music, but in 1999 he was introduced to Jerome Johnson who had a record label called Millennium Player Records and began to believe that he could make something happen with what he was writing. Since then he has not only been able to share his world through music but help others do the same.

Conversations Magazine assistant music editor Stanley Clark introduced me to the artist. In a phone interview for this feature it was clear to me how deep his love for music and the business of music was. "I get a natural high from me," Cazpa says. He told me that he is rapping about everyday life, something that everyone can relate to. "I'm reaching the people where they are," he explains. "Everybody has something they are dealing with or feeling. It can be trials and tribulations or the good times that make you want to celebrate. That's the kind of music I am making. It's not rap music. It's life music."

Cazpa founded his own record label Po Pimpin' Entertainment in 2005 but just really began making real moves with it in 2011. The artists that he is signing and working with are unique in their own ways. "They each have their own style," he told me. "They envision the same thing I do. We all make music for the same reason."

When I brought up the fact that others have come out of Mississippi and had an affect on the music that is being heard in the mainstream, Cazpa says he believes he can be a part of that same movement. "I'm hoping that what my artists and I are doing is going to stand out from the rest that's out there," he says. "We want to succeed not just for ourselves but for our families and the state as well. I don't just want to be another artist. I want to use what I am doing to make a positive effect on my community in Yazoo City and beyond."

Currently Cazpa and the rest of the Po Pimpin' Entertainment family is recording music, performing at shows and spreading the word about themselves person to person as well as through social networking.

What advice does Cazpa have for other artists or anyone looking to following their dreams? "Stay true to yourself. Just try to stay real. When it comes to me, nothing is going to change me. Being on tv or getting radio play is not going to change me from the person I am. I refuse to let that happen. I refuse to portray something that I'm not. If you are true to yourself and your craft others will see that, too. That's what will speak to them."

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PROFILE: Recording Artist Ziggy

by Cyrus Webb

At the age of seven he was joining his father in listening to Master P and Tupac. Now at the age of 21 years old rapper Ziggy has tens of thousands online and beyond paying attention to him.

The road that led the young man to pursuing music may not have been what some see as the best, but it is a testament of what can happen when we work to make the most out of a bad situation. At the age of 14 Ziggy found himself in trouble and used writing as a way of sharing what he was going through and what he was feeling. This gave him confidence to begin recording himself and dropping his first mixtape while just in the eleventh grade. "I sold it for $3 and the people were loving it," he told me in a phone interview set up by Conversations Magazine assistant music editor Stanley Clark.

The rest as they say is history.

Ziggy's video for the song "Jumpin' Out" has over 20k hits on Youtube, garnering him attention not just around the state of Mississippi but beyond as well. He is staying focused creating the kind of music that he feels like others will not only enjoy but relate to as well. "I think I have something for the club, the streets or wherever you are," he told me. "I make music for the people."

Not even those who might be seen as naysayers are making an impact on the lyricist. "I feel like if you don't have haters you aren't doing too much," he says. "You have to have haters to keep you going."

No matter what comes his way Ziggy is determined to not let anything keep him from pursuing his dreams, and wish both of his parents supporting him the skies seem to be the limit.

His advice for others who are looking to go for their dreams? "Keep going. Don't get caught up in anything that can hold you down. Let your haters motivate you to become better."

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