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Sunday, July 27, 2008

(Thurs. July 31, 2008) FORUM: Hiphop and Politics: Can the two work together for the good of the people?

Can the two work together for the good of the people?
Join us on Thursday, July 31, 2008 for the forum "HIPHOP AND POLITICS: Can the two work together for the good of the community?" This will be held at the Jackson Enterprise Center (931 HWY W. * Jackson, MS),6-8p.m.

Panelists include recording artists Eddie Wright, Big Pap, Jokah the General, radio show host Berlinda White, community activists Valencia Robinson and Shontale Watson, Attorney Martin Perkins and more!

Issues to be discussed include 1) Should we care what entertainers think about issues if we are to separate what they say from what they do? 2) How can the hiphop community best use their influence for the good of the community? 3) What can elected officials do to encourage the hiphop community's support? 4) Is the voice of the hiphop community incorrectly swaying perception about the Presidential candidates and their positions? 5) At the end of the day who should have more influence, the leaders of the hiphop community or the head of the household?

This 4th installment of discussions is brought to you in part by The Hip-Hop Chronicle, The Street Life Series,, The Hype Magazine and focuses on the power of Hiphop. It will be moderated by Hiphop and Books Founder C. A. Webb. Admission free.

For more information, contact Berlinda White at 601.307.1851 or Cyrus A. Webb at 601.896.5616. You can also reach Webb at Additional information can also be found online at and