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Saturday, January 23, 2010

C. A. Webb Weaves Supernatural Tale To Discover Who Is Really BLESSED

For years Mississippi native Cyrus Webb (known as C. A. Webb) has been a supporter of the power of words. Now in 2010 he prepares to deliver his own through the serialized novel BLESSED.

Released as four e-books and novellas beginning in February 2010, BLESSED will take readers into the intricate worlds of religion and politics, asking them do they really know where success and good fortune come from. You will meet Pastor Ezekiel James, who has enjoyed a historic legacy that is amplified by the remarkable success of his family. For almost 40 years he has been one of the most recognizable faces and names of faith around the world, and that favor seemed to be passed on to his seed, fraternal twins Rebecca and his namesake Ezekiel.

Born with the world seemingly at their feet, Ezekiel continued in the example of his father while Rebecca chose politics, a course that would introduce her to Jeremiah Reynolds. He wants to see a change come to the country. With the support of the James family, Jeremiah would gain influence that leads him to the offices of Mayor, Governor and even the White House, becoming the first man of color to become President.

As Reynolds enters his second year in the Oval Office, two wars are waging around the world; however, the United States is more worried about a mysterious flu that is targeting the elderly and youth with deadly consequences. When it threatens the youngest of the James family and even the First Family, a secret is revealed that threatens to destroy not just the trust of a family and The White House but the safety, security and souls of the entire world...

IN THE BEGINNING, the first book of the series, will be released as an e-book in February 2010 and in print form in March 2010. Details about BLESSED can be found at

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pickens Public Library In MS Begins Year With New Books

(Sunday, January 10, 2010) Though many organizations are struggling during the difficult economic times, establishments like the Pickens Public Library in Pickens, MS are benefiting from the community and others helping out with their shortfall. In desperate need of books, the library that has been around for almost 60 years, received over $1,000.00 in brand new books to be used by their patrons in the New Year. The books were donated by Stanley Clark and Cyrus Webb of For The People Productions and Conversations Book Club, thanks to a book drive the two began in 2009.

"Pickens will always have a special place in my heart," says Clark who calls the city home. He personally delivered the books to the library. "I was glad we were able to do something to benefit so many."

Webb agrees. "Thanks to the partnerships we have made over the past few years, it was an easy assignment to get the books. The written word has so much power, and I know the books will be well used."

Many of the books were from clients that Webb represents through his publicity division of Shadow Play Entertainment, including national recording artist/author Jacki-O of Miami, FL and Mr. Mean Mug of Ft. Worth, TX, author of TATTOO TEARS. Jacki-O, who visited Mississippi while promoting her first novel GROWN & GANGSTA says that the new year is a perfect time to commit to making books a part of your daily life. "Even in my business, reading is important," she says. "I know some think it's just about the glitz and glamour, but education is the key to your success. I want young people especially to know that whether you are a rapper, athlete or a doctor you have to be able to read."

Saddie McDonald, who has worked at the Pickens Public Library for three years was grateful for the extra help the books will provide. "We have young people here all the time who are looking for something new, something that fits their interests. Donations such as this will help us keep them in a safe place and off the streets."

The book donation isn't the end of Clark and Webb's involvment with Pickens Public Library. They will also be volunteering during their summer program as well.

"We hope that individuals and organizations will take this example and use it wherever they are," says Webb. "It's not always about how much money you give. Your time is just as valuable."

To find out more about the Pickens Public Library, contact Saddie McDonald or Quincee Barton at 1.662.468.2391. For additional information about upcoming events hosted by For The People, visit or contact Stanley Clark at 1.773.315.9286. To find out more about Conversations Book Club and its upcoming projects, visit or email Cyrus Webb at