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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UNCAGED ENTERTAINMENT: Unleashing The South's New Talent

by Cyrus Webb

At a time when most of the music industry is looking to emulate the sounds and successes of others, Mississippi-based Uncaged Entertainment (5430 Executive Place *Jackson, MS 39206) is working hard to go outside of the ordinaary and create something original.

Under the leadership of founders Ace(31)and Aaron Woods (32), the label began in May 2010 with a simple agenda: change the entertainment game and allow Mississippi's talent to shine.

"When it comes to Uncaged, we are all about allowing the artist to be true to themselves and put out what is really in their heart and mind," says Ace. "We provide the platform and the opportunity, but it's the artists dream that we want to see come true."

So far those seeing their dreams become a reality with Uncaged include Mr. Dis-Kret, Los, C-Bollz and Thoroughbred.
The label's focus currently is producing quality Hip Hop and R&B that speaks to the people.

Joining the two founders of Uncaged is Stanley Clark of the Marketing organization For The People Productions. For Clark, the label's passion for music and quality are the main reasons why it will succeed. "Uncaged is doing what very few people in the industry are willing to do," he says. "They are putting their resources where they belong and creating a team that is not only close knit but have the entire team's interests in mind."

What is Uncaged Message to aspiring artists and the world? "We are here to give you waht you have been looking for but haven't been able to find," says Ace. "Uncaged might be based in the South, but we have a universal feel that is all about unleashing the talent of our artists. With us, there is no limit to where we can go."

For more information about Uncaged Entertainment, visit or contact Stanley Clark at 773.315.9286.

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