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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

BrieAnn L. Avery of Vaughn, MS to be honored by For The People, her ho metown

At a time when the news is filled with negativity and the troubles that so many are facing, it is always good to hear some good news.

That is what is happening in Vaughn, Mississippi thanks to the hard work of young people such as 17 year old BrieAnn L. Avery. On Sunday, May 17, 2009 she will be honored at the Strangers Home M. B. Church for her dedication to education as well as the example she has been setting in her community.

"BrieAnn is one of the success stories of our area," says Essie Queen Young. She has known the young lady all of her life. "Our children don't get enough attention when they are doing something right, but we talk about them all the time when something is wrong. We are glad to show BrieAnn and all young people like her that we care."

This sentiment is mirrored by Stanley Clark, a businessman also from Holmes County who through his PR firm For The People Productions ( has made it a goal to show the positive side of the world that is sometiimes forgotten. He will be doing a special presentation for Avery during the ceremony. "I have always tried to show the young people in this area that they haven't been forgotten," says Clark. "We are all busy, but our children are the future, and they need to know we are there with them no matter how hard times get."

Clark is also a Asst. Producer on a literary reality show called The Write Stuff that is coming to select markets across the country this summer. The project is aimed at aspiring writers as well as showing how important it is to encourage reading. (see In addition to this, he is working on a nationwide literary tour that will showcase the importance of reading across the country.

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