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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rapper/Author Jacki-O's visit to Mississippi: MISSON ACCOMPLISHED!

Thank you to everyone who made the beginning of Jacki-O's "Grown & Gangsta" Book Tour a resounding success. When we began the journey on Tuesday, March 4, 2008---after just 10 days of promotion---we had no idea what to expect. To our surprise and excitement, hundreds of her fans and even some interested parties came out to support her visit to Mississippi---and this online photo album tells the story.

Conversations Book Club and TRU Publishing wish to thank all of our literary partners that made the weekend a history-making event that none of us are soon to forget:

* Robin Gardner, & Conversations Book Club
* Crystal Springs High School (Ms. Jones, Principal & teachers Mr. Bradford and Ms. Crisler)
* Snapman
* Mista, Tambra Cherie and Misha Wilson @ Hot 97.7FM
* Comfort Inn & Suites (North Jackson)
* Stax of Official Blockwear
* Eddie Robinson & the entire staff of Wal-Mart (HWY 18) in Jackson, MS
* Stanley Clark of For The People Productions/Style & Class
* Quality Inn & Suites (Airport Road) in Pearl, MS
* Ms. Debra Gilbert of Richard Wright Library (Jackson, MS)
* Jack Squad
* D. J. Downsouth
* Trill
* Ondrea Nicole
* J Money
* Berlinda White of "Naked Conversations"
* Phyllis Robinson of PEG Network, Channel 18
* Leon Collier of
* Gail Ambeau of Ambeau's Chapeau
* LaBella Models
* Pearl Public Library

And to all who came out to show your love for the work we are doing in the state, we appreciate you and look forward to many more literary endeavors.

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