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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Conversations Book Club Founder Expands His Organization

Conversations Book Club Founder Expands with New Partnerships, Opportunities
Since the first time his name was in print back in 1999, Cyrus A. Webb knew his life would never be the same. Nine years later he is an accomplished visual and literary artist/radio and television show host, newspaper columnist, magazine founder and editor as well as the President of the nation's largest interactive literary organization. Additionally, he is the President of the Rankin County Arts Alliance and the Chief of Staff of the public relations firm For The People Productions. All of this, and he has yet to celebrate his 33rd birthday.
With all of his accomplishments, Webb is constantly looking for ways to further his brand and do his part to contribute to the literary scene.
Beginning Saturday, March 1, 2008 he will add another slash to his resume: book reviewer for the State of Mississippi's largest daily newspaper! His weekly column that will be found in the "Rankin Ledger" section of the newspaper every Saturday will allow him to give an honest review of the books that he is currently reading and recommending to others. This is just one other way that Webb's brand will introduce him to people all over the world. (Thank you to the Editor of the Rankin Ledger for making this possible.)
Currently Webb is contributing articles to the Jackson Advocate Newspaper, Books2Mention Magazine, Blagazine and RAWSISTAZ---with the focus being on reading. It is his hope that this new endeavor will help others to appreciate books and look at them in a whole new way.
To submit your books for review, email You can also contact him at 601.896.5616.
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