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Monday, March 12, 2007

For The People Productions and Shadow Play Entertainment prepare for CONTROVERSY

When FTP President Stanley Clark hired C. A. Webb as his Chief of Staff, he knew the move would bring with it new adventures as well as a whole new flow of clientele. That was first evident when Webb brought his popular Conversations brand under the FTP name and then began the process to incorporate the growing public relations firm in his other events.

In April 2007, however, a new project will bring For The People Productions and Shadow Play Entertainment together in an entirely different way.

Webb's sophomore spoken word release, MY CONTROVERSY, will be released on Friday, April 13th, under the direction of FTP ans SPE--- however, Webb has hand-picked Clark to oversee the promotion of the project.

Already praised by critics and poetry lovers alike, MY CONTROVERSY tackles everything from self-awareness, suicide, spirituality, HIV/AIDS awareness, relationships and intimacy. When discussing the project, Webb says that he wants it to be his biggest project to date, and has set a goal of 10,000 being sold in 2007.

Continue to visit and this site for all the updates and current promotional information. You are also able to get a sneak preview to the project online.

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