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Friday, December 22, 2006

A FTP Exclusive: The Carl Weber Interview


Carl Weber is a man who has had his share of success. Called the “Literary Prince of Drama” also the “Original King of Drama, Drama and more Drama”, Weber is the publisher of Urban Books ( and the bestselling author of The Preacher’s Son, A Dollar and a Dream, Player Haters, Lookin’ for Luv, Married Men and Baby Momma Drama. His book So You Call Yourself A Man was released in January 2006 and has been followed up by SHE AIN’T THE ONE co-authored with Mary B. Morrison and THE FIRST LADY.

In April 2006, I had the opportunity to discuss everything from his beginnings, his success and his books in a unique interview.

WHAT BROUGHT YOU INTO THE CAREER OF WRITING? For me it was an economic decision to write. I saw books that had been written, thought I could do that and better. I have always been a self-starter.

IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN ABOUT YOU THAT DESPITE THE SUCCESS AND ACCLAIM YOU’VE EXPERIENCED, YOU WEREN’T ALWAYS COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR USE OF ENGLISH IN YOUR WRITING. I was a longtime reader and wanted to write, but wasn’t always the best in English. Fortunately I take criticism well. I am proficient in writing and have no problem working with others to polish it. I believe when you see a weakness that others can help you improve, go with that and become stronger.

WITH YOUR SECOND BOOK WERE YOU AFRAID OF WHAT SOME CALL THE SOPHOMORE JINX? I didn’t feel pressure with second book. My main goal is to write on the topic of the day and keep my ear to the streets.

WHAT DO YOU READ? I don’t read books that are like the type that I write. I am a huge Tom Clancy fan. I write books that I know will relate to people. When I think about my style, people expect twists and turns.

WHAT ABOUT BEING CALLED THE LITERARY PRINCE OF DRAMA? I do write drama-filled books. When I hear myself being called the literary prince of drama, I take that as a title of pride. My books are realistic and seem to appeal to alot of people because I write about things that people actually experience.

I HAD THE PRIVILEGE TO TALK WITH TRAVIS HUNTER PRIOR TO THIS INTERVIEW AND HE WAS REALLY SINGING YOUR PRAISES ABOUT YOUR HELPING HIM GET HIS START. It was my goal to help authors for 10 years before I actually started writing myself. We sold Hunter’s books in my bookstore. I do this to help authors, not for money but just being generous and being interested in their success.

URBAN BOOKS IS YOUR PUBLISHING HOUSE. WHAT IS YOUR RELATIONSHIP LIKE WITH THE AUTHORS? They are like my family, but they have their own ideas about the direction of their projects. I feel like their literary father, but as in any house sometimes they choose to listen to me on suggestions and others they stay true to their own visions. Presently there are over 60 authors under Urban Books, and it's growing by the day.

DO YOU WRITE FOR A CERTAIN TYPE OF DEMOGRAPHIC? I don’t really think about it at all I realize that most of my readers are middle class working people, and that group is who I primarily write for no matter where in the world they are. When it comes to promoting my books I will travel wherever, but it’s not always possible to go to as many places as I want to with each book’s release.

DO YOU SEE YOURSELF WRITING ABOUT A BOOK THAT IS NOT FULL OF DRAMA? I will always have plenty to write about because drama, just like what’s considered an “R” rating, changes with time. It will never get old, and I like it that way.

YOU WERE ONE OF THE FIRST TO COME OUT WITH YOUR STYLE OF WRITING. HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL IN VIEW OF YOUR SUCCESS? I know that any trendsetter in a particular genre has it easier because it is easier to find a niche. I have seen writers try to cross over, but I don’t see myself changing my writing style. Regardless of how my audience may seem to grow and change, I will always write to those who are part of my base that have made my success possible.

My first book to read of Weber’s was the January 2006 release “So You Call Yourself A Man.” The book that is told in the 1st person by three best friends: James, Brent and Sonny. I told Weber it was my first time reading one of his novels and though 254 pages, I was able to finish it in one day. The book spins a dramatic tale of how much these best friends realize they don’t know about each other, in spite of what they had always thought. I wanted to know how Weber felt about the book’s response thus far. He told me that he was pleased with it, and even a bit shocked at the success. He told me that it deals with some different subject matter and he hasn’t seen such a frenzied response to one of his books since the release of Baby’s Mama Drama. I asked him what was the message he was trying to get across in the new book, and he said it was really about manhood and the problems growing into manhood. The book was fun for him, because going into it he knew that he was going to be using quite a bit of misdirection in the character directing. The final chapter which was used to tie things up also seemed to expose the struggles that come with friendship.

Carl Weber was the first author I had interviewed that was not only a bestselling author, but an author who had also reached the New York Times bestsellers list. I was curious as to how it felt to be so widely supported by those not just of his base of readers but a new audience as well. He told me that he takes it in stride and makes it an aim not to let it change him. Flattery, he said is good, but he just wants to tell interesting stories that people will enjoy.

When asked if he had any advice for others he told me this: Just persevere. Nothing worth having will come easy, especially if you choose to self-publish.

FINALLY,CARL, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY TO YOUR READERS? Thank you. I feel as though I have the greatest fans in the world. Though they owe me anything they continue to support me and I appreciate it.

You can find out more about Carl Weber by visiting He will join fellow author Mary B. Morrison in a conference call interview on Friday, December 29, 2006 at the Medgar Evers Library beginning at 7p.m. Weber will be making a unique stop in Mississippi on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 where he will be holding meet and greets with his fans, a booksigning at Walden Books and a few Q&A events with teens, college students and others. The day will end with dinner at REAL ROOTS BAR AND GRILL in Pickens, MS.

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